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Why You Should Consider Using The Best Biscuit Joiners?

Nov 27, 2022

If you’re a DIYer, you probably have a bunch of unfinished projects sitting around. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a biscuit joiner on hand to get those joints smooth, uniform and professional looking?

We've got your joints problem covered. With our special range of biscuit joiners you can get all the expert finishing you need to give your project that professional look.

Interest: This tool is perfect for any hobbyist, whether you're an experienced woodworker or a beginner!

A quality biscuit joiner is the key to a professional-looking finish on any project. You need one that's easy to use and has all the features you need.

We've got the tools for you to get the perfect finish on your woodwork. Get the best plate joiners to help you achieve the finished look you deserve.

Now you can order yours online and get it delivered right to your door.


How To Choose Which Model Is Best For You

Match the features, capabilities to your budget. Once you have narrowed down, click on the green "Check Price On Amazon" button to get further confidence you have made the right choice by reading some past customers reviews.


Why Would We Want The Best For You

Would the best biscuit joiners help me get the most professional finish on my woodworking projects? My joining work needs improvement and I want to improve it.

As well as having to put the joiners through the process of learning to use them, I also have to put them through the process of improving their work quality. They can be slow and awkward at times, so they take longer to do to get the best results.

Well, now I've discovered the biscuits joiner you need to achieve truly flawless results. The biscuits joiner that will make you a professional joiner, in the quickest and easiest way possible.

It’s time for a new biscuit joiner. I’ve used my old one for the last ten years, and it has served me well, but now I want something better. I’ve looked around and the prices of new ones are great.

 We've got a choice of five premium biscuit joiners and we can help you pick the right one.



DEWALT Biscuit Joiner Kit, 6.5-Amp (DW682K)

Amazon #1 in Biscuit & Plate Joiners

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Powerful 6.5 amp churning out 10,000 RPMs has the power to work the hardest of woods
  • Dual rack and pinion fence is always parallel for accurate joints
  • Single piece fence adjustable and tilts 0 to 90 degrees
  • Flush cuts at 0 degree without need to remove fence
  • 45-degree locating notch in fence to index off the outside surface of a mitered joint
  • Heavy-duty aluminum shoe can be clamped for stationary work without marring surfaces
  • Retractable, anti-slip pins so workpieces will not move
  • Preset depth stops for biscuit sizes of #0, #10, and #20
  • Make 3/4-inch deep cuts even on hard woods
  • Amazon's Choice


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 9.5 lbs
  • Speed : 10000 RPM
  • Motor : 6.5 Amp
  • Included : carbide blade, dust bag, vacuum adapter, Torx key, wrench, and soft kit bag



AOBEN 8.5 Amp Biscuit Cutter Plate Joiner

Amazon #3 in Biscuit & Plate Joiners

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Perform all these types of joints: Corner joint, Mitre joint, Frame joint,Centre Wall joint, Butt joint on solid wood, plywood, chipboard, fibreboard, plexiglas and artificial marble from 5/16 inch
  • Suction function to clear debris from workpiece
  • Pre-Set stops for 0, 10, 20 sizes. Option for Manual mode to customise depths
  • Adjustable Tilt fence set from 0° To 90°
  • Tungsten carbide blade cuts wood precisely on one pass
  • Anti-slip handle holds the tool securely
  • Saw dust bag collection


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 11 lbs
  • Size : 4-Inch blade
  • Speed : 11000 RPM
  • Motor : 8.5 Amp



Makita XJP03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Plate Joiner

Amazon #4 in Biscuit & Plate Joiners

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Rack-and-pinion vertical fence system ofers accurate fence adjustments
  • Cast aluminum pivot fence set at 0 degree, 45 degrees and 90 degrees, and easy centering on 3/4" material
  • Six depth settings with one-touch stops for #0, #10, and #20
  • Cordless plate joiner provides maximum portability and performance
  • Fence adjustments done on the large cam lock
  • 320 cuts or 160 joints on a single charge
  • Amazon's Choice


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 7.5 lbs
  • Size : 4-Inch blade
  • Motor : 3 Amp
  • Battery : Lithium Ion batteries sold separately



PORTER-CABLE Plate Joiner Kit

Amazon #6 in Biscuit & Plate Joiners

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Dust port to connect to vacuum
  • Fence tilts from 0 degree to 135 degrees, positive at 90 degrees
  • Micro height-adjustment knob
  • Lock-on trigger
  • Height scale accurate
  • Preset depth stops for FF, #0, #10, #20, Simplex, Duplex, and Max (#6) biscuits
  • Spindle lock for easy single wrench bit changes
  • Bale handle attached to fence, not motor, for greater stability and added control during cuts
  • Keyhole-slotted blade cover and spindle lock for quick blade changes
  • Amazon's Choice


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 7.5 lbs
  • Size : 4-Inch blade
  • Speed : 10000 RPM
  • Motor : 7 Amp
  • Included : 4" blade, centering plate, dust bag, chip deflector, Allen wrench, carrying case



VonHaus 8.5 Amp Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner

Amazon #8 in Biscuit & Plate Joiners

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Ideal for accurate biscuit cuts for super-strong miter joints, T-joints, butt joints and edge-to-edge/corner joints
  • Pre-set depth stops for sizes 0, 10 and 20
  • Adjustable fence can be locked in position anywhere from 0° to 90°
  • Dust port with dust bag cleans up after gorging slots
  • Large comfortable grip handle


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 8.2 lbs
  • Size : 4-Inch blade
  • Speed : 10000 RPM
  • Motor : 7.4 Amp
  • Included : 4” blade



Best biscuit joiners FAQ

People are always asking us questions about the best biscuit joiners, and there are too many models available that makes choosing the best one a headache.


It can be hard to find good information about getting the right tools, especially if you had not used them before or not sure where to look. Or worse, you might end up with bad information that should have been to make your home projects much easier.


We know you are a seasoned handyperson or a trade professional looking for a replacement but for the benefit of new users, the best biscuit joiners can make your DIY projects a whole lot easier.


We've done the research for you! Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best biscuit joiners and our top answers:

Are biscuit joiners worth it?

The best way to keep glue-up parts in alignment is to use biscuit joints, and that they give high pull apart strength to otherwise weak methods like butt joints and miter joints.


What is the best biscuit jointer?

The DeWalt DW682K Biscuit Joiner is a handy tool that is designed to help you make biscuit cuts for woodworking projects. It is rated number 1 in Amazon's bestseller list of biscuit joiners.


Is a plate joiner the same as a biscuit joiner?

They are one and the same. The plate is commonly referred to as a biscuit and so the alternative name caught on.


What are biscuit joiners used for?

A biscuit joiner cuts two pieces of wood, and glues them together with a biscuit.

This tool is designed for making the joints that prevent any lateral movement in your workpieces.


Are biscuit joiners obsolete?

Cabinet frames can be attached to the edges of a cabinet edges using biscuits and are a viable option for joining the pieces.


Does a biscuit joint need glue?

The answer is yes! By inserting glue in each of the cut slot (not on the biscuit), the bond will be stronger.


How far apart should biscuit joints be?

6 to 12 inches apart, center to center is the recommended distance.


Who makes a good biscuit joiner?

Another biscuit joiner is the Makita XJP03Z Cordless Plate Joiner which is cordless and packing a 4-inch blade that when on a full charge, can cut up to 320 or 160 joints.


What is the difference between 0 10 and 20 biscuits?

Those numbers refers to their sizes. #0 is 5/8 inch x 1 3/4 inches, #10 is 3/4 inch x 2 1/8 inches and #20 is 1 inch x 2 3/8 inches.


How do I choose a biscuit joiner?

You should choose a biscuit joiner by the diameter of the cutting blade.

The standard biscuit joiner blade is a 4-inch cutting disc.

Having a 2-inch blade lets you cut smaller slots for smaller inserts.


What are the disadvantages of biscuit joints?

Unfortunately, not all joints are perfect. It has its weak points and advantages too.

Problems with biscuit joinery can arise from misapplication of the technique or misusing of the tool.

Some of the issues are exposed biscuits, misaligned surfaces, unsquare slots and glue line depressions.


What is the difference between a dowel joint and a biscuit joint?

A dowel is a cylindrical piece of wood whereas a biscuit is an oval shaped disc to be inserted & glued into the slots of two pieces of wood.


Should biscuit joints be tight?

Biscuits should be a little loose, rather than tight and hard.

They come pre-compressed, so they swell when applied with water-based glue to form the tight bond.


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