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Black and Decker Hammer Drill Is The Most Popular For Home DIY Today

Aug 26, 2022

You already know that you should use the Black and Decker Hammer Drill at home to complete a wide range of DIY projects. So yes, the BLACK AND DECKER HAMMER DRILL is one of the most popular drills for completing these DIY projects.


This is a great question because it's actually pretty easy to determine if the Black and Decker Hammer Drill is the most popular drill for home DIY projects.

If you're wondering which is the best drill for home DIY projects, I've got some great news for you. You don't need to spend a ton of money to purchase the most popular Black and Decker hammer drills.

The reason the Black and Decker Hammer Drill is so popular is because of the quality of this drill. And the reason the Black and Decker Hammer Drill is so affordable is because of the awesome features that this model includes. It's also the best hammer drill for driving ground rods as the BPM is 48,000!

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How To Choose Which Model Is Best For You

Match the features, capabilities to your budget. Once you have narrowed down, click on the green "Check Price On Amazon" button to get further confidence you have made the right choice by reading some past customers reviews.


How We Choose The Best For You

Is Black and Decker Hammer Drill One Of The Most Popular Drills For Home DIY Projects?

It seems as if every DIY store has a different version of the Black and Decker Hammer Drill. Do you choose the standard model or a multi-features version? How much do they cost? What are the best features of each drill?

Well, what if we told you we will be reviewing some of the best Black and Decker Hammer Drills.

We’ll reveal it to you and show you exactly how you can choose the right Black and Decker Hammer Drill for your project, and at the same time review similar models, both corded & cordless for comparison.


BLACK+DECKER Hammer Drill BEHD201 - Corded

Amazon #2 in Power Hammer Drills

Why We Think This Is The Best Basic Hammer Drill

Powerful 6.5 AMP motor delivers 48,000 bpm to quickly drill through hard materials like concrete, stone, and brick.

2 position switch to select standard drill or hammer drill function. 3 position handle to keep you comfortable and help reduce muscle fatigue for all jobs. Single-sleeve chuck to allow for easier change of bits up to 1/2 inch.


Things To Know About This Model

If you’re having trouble drilling through tough materials, then BLACK+DECKER’s 6.5 Amp, 1/2 inch is the right tool for the job.

An electric hammer drill with a powerful 6.5-amp motor operates at 48,000 bpm. It’s the obvious choice for all jobs suited for its power.

If you're looking to improve your home improvement tools, this is an ideal addition to your toolbox.

The corded drill ensures you’ll never run out of power, while the 3-position side handle helps provide a comfortable grip from start to finish.

The single-sleeve keyless chuck allows for the use of a 1/2 inch bit and swaps other bits out quickly and easily. 

THINKWORK SDS-Plus Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill - Corded

Amazon #46 in Power Rotary Hammers

Why We Think This Is The Best High Power Rotary Hammer Drill

  • The powerful 12.5 AMP motor (Max Impact:4350 BPM, Impact Joules:7.0J) delivers plenty of impact energy to handle the most demanding applications with ease. Variable speed switch enables the user to match the speed to the application for greater versatility.

  • With four functions (Drilling, Hammer Drilling, Chiseling-Free Rotation, Chiseling-Fixated) to meet various needs. The side mode selector with lock design extends life for more work and security.

  • Safety clutch and double insulation protection ensure security when bit jams or high torque force. The integrated anti-vibration system and PU soft-grip provide increased operator comfort. Anti-dust bottom structure and heat dissipation design for improved durability.

  • 360° detachable rotating handle for more convenience and flexible uses. Complete SDS-PLUS accessories (point chisel, flat chisel, drill bits, drill chuck) and a wide range of drilling diameters (1/16-1/2") for more possibility.


Things To Know About This Model

A continuous supply of cool fresh air helps to protect the engine from burning due to high temperature and extends its life.

This is a multi-function tool, capable of doing many things, such as drilling material like wood, steel, hammer drilling concrete and granite, chisel position to adjust the angle of the chisel before use & chipping.

Reduced user vibration makes the Thinkwork more pleasant to use and allows the user to work for longer periods of time.

Comes with 2 carbon brush, 1 dust cover, 1 SDS-plus point chisel, 1 SDS-plus flat chisel, 3 SDS-plus drill bits, 1 Y-wrench, 1 drill chuck key, 1 drill chuck, lubricating grease, 1 depth gauge rod, solid storage case.


BOSCH 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC - Corded

Amazon #43 in Power Rotary Hammers

Why We Think This Is The Best With Vibration Control

Professional-style rotary hammer weighing 2.4 ft-lbs to have an incredible impact of energy, with vibration control and three modes of operation.

Active Vibration Control in the hammer mechanism and the grip area makes it most comfortable for users.

A safety integral clutch will automatically disengage the torque transmission if it gets stuck while drilling.

The convenient 360° auxiliary handle allows you user control.

This SDS Bosch hammer drill has the Vario-Lock that lets you choose between 12 different positions so you can fine-tune which angle the chisel should sit.


Things To Know About This Model

No Load RPM 0 to 900, Blows per Minute 0 to 4000, 8.0 Amps, 120 Voltage, Solid Bit Capacity 1-1/8 In., Core Bit Capacity 3-1/8 In., Stop Rotation, Reverse mode, Impact Energy 2.6 ft.-lb., Tool Length 12-1/2 In., Tool Weight 7.7 lb., Cord 8 ft., Features 360 Degrees Auxiliary Handle, Integral Clutch, Multi-function Selector, Variable Speed 3 Finger Trigger, Active Vibration Control (TM).

This Bosch 1-1/8-inch SDS-plus Rotary Hammer provides you with the perfect combination of power, impact energy, drilling speed & reduced vibration.

It’s a high-speed chisel for heavy cutting, and it’s very easy to use.

It also offers three modes of operation - rotary hammer, hammer only, or rotation only, and a built-in clutch to make this tool safe to use in bind-up situations.


DEWALT DCD996B 20V MAX XR - Cordless

Amazon #4 in Power Hammer Drills

Why We Think This Is The Best Buck For 2 Batteries

  • High performance transmission for fast application speeds and improved run-time.
  • High efficiency brushless motor delivers up to 75% more run time over 18V NiCad brushed motors.
  • 0-38,250 BPM for fast drilling in masonry materials.
  • Compatible with DEWALT 20V MAX tools.
  • Compact, light weight design.
  • Premium XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion battery x2.


Things To Know About This Model

The cordless hammer drill features a heavy-duty nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit gripping strength.

It has a three-mode LED that gives you lighting in dark or confined spaces up to 20X brighter than previous models.

In LED Spotlight mode the 20 minute shut off allows for an extended work time in the dark.


SKIL Corded Hammer Drill HD182001

Amazon #10 in Power Hammer Drills

Why We Think This Is The Best Affordable Drill

  • Ideal for demanding projects using high torque 7. 5 Amp Motor
  • Easy switch for a wide range of drilling and hammer drilling applications with the 2-in-1 Multi Function Switch
  • Accepts 1/2 inch bits on the Heavy-Duty keyed Chuck for heavy duty work
  • For improved safety and accuracy with the Side Assist Handle
  • Increased control with the 2-Finger Variable Speed Trigger
  • For extended drilling with the Lock-on Button
  • Increased operator comfort with the Soft-Grip Handle


Things To Know About This Model

A tough job is no match for this power tool, a 7.5-Amp hammer drill.

The 2-finger, variable speed trigger is the best for driving and drilling. It has a convenient lock on feature for increased control during driving and drilling.

And the 48,000-bpm provides the power needed for tough applications.

Whether you need to drill for an old project, or are starting a new one, the heavy-duty 1/2-in keyed chuck from Snap On accepts large-diameter wood-turning bits and a side handle for a firm grip.

Option to purchase this hammer drill with 100 pieces drill bits. 


Ryobi P251 One+ (bare tool)

Amazon #31 in Power Hammer Drills

Why We Think This Is The Best Cordless Hammer Drill

The Ryobi brushless hammer drill can drive screws through pilot holes and drill into masonry or concrete so you can make the most of this powerful drill with three different modes.

This is a 24-position clutch that you can fine tune to deliver up to 750 inches pounds of torque when you need it most.

Near the base of the tool is a magnetic platform where you can keep bits and fasteners secured to the drill.

With this feature, the Ryobi drill hammer can easily allow you to replace a bit and still stay in your current work without leaving your work area.

A plastic handle can be used on either side, letting you work comfortably no matter on which hand.


Things To Know About This Model

Ryobi offers a wide variety of heavy duty tools for any type of project. The P251 is a heavy duty cordless hammer drill perfect for tearing through a variety of drilling and driving applications.

Whether it’s wood, plastic, masonry, concrete, or thin metals, you’ll be able to tackle it thanks to the collection of features on this powerful drill.

The Ryobi hammer drills will strike with ease to drive screws or bore holes into wood, plastic, stone or steel with little effort.

A side handle is designed to make drilling more comfortable and convenient.

The rubber molding over the handle also means that your grip is protected when the vibrator is shaking and slipping around on hard surfaces.

It’s got a magnetic bit holder at the base of the drill, so you can store screws and drill bits onboard your tool, and you can do quick job changes without having to constantly walk to your tool box.

This particular model is not a ryobi sds hammer drill, and in future reviews, we will include it.


Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL (bare tool)

Amazon #3 in Power Hammer Drills

Why We Think This Is The Best For Overload Protection

The best performance in the M18 Fuel 1/2" series comes from the new high power brushless M18 Fuel 3/8" Drill driver. It provides an additional 20% more power than the previous model.

The Redlink Plus Battery Optimizer ensures optimal performance and prevents overload to the tool and battery when it’s running on a constant charge mode. It helps keep the tools and batteries running efficiently.

Lithium XC5.0 batteries deliver more work per charge and more work over the life of the pack than competitors.

The engine is up to 60 percent more powerful than the previous model, and it’s 1,200 in-lb of torque.


Things To Know About This Model

Weight : 4.5 Pounds

Maximum Power : 800 W

Up to 60% more power than the competition

Torque : 1200 in-lbs

Motor : Brushless

Batteries : Lithium batteries (sold separately)


Hammer Drill FAQs

People are always asking us questions about Hammer Drills, and there are so many of them. Here are the frequently asked questions,

It can be hard to find good information about getting the right tools, especially if you had not used them before or not sure where to look. Or worse, you might end up with bad information that should have been to make your home projects much easier.


We've done the research for you! Here are the most frequently asked questions about Hammer Drill and our top answers.


We know you are a seasoned handyperson or a trade professional looking for a replacement but for the benefit of new users, this Hammer Drill can make your work projects a whole lot easier.

What is a hammer drill used for?

A hammer drill is a power tool used mainly for drilling into hard materials like concrete or rock. It needs the hammering action for the force power.

A cordless rotary screwdriver is a type of tool with a hammering action.


What is a hammer drill vs regular drill?

A masonry hammer drill is similar in function to a power drill, but a power drill is not suited for masonry as there is no extra hammering force.

A hammer drill produces more power when you use the hammering function.

A hammer drill has the force of a hammer applied directly to the bit.


Can I use a regular drill as a hammer drill?

A regular drill, in regular mode, can be a useful addition to your tool inventory.

The most versatile of the two drills is the hammer drill. If you only plan on buying one drill, however, I'd suggest getting the hammer drill as it's easier to use and is more versatile.


Is hammer drill better than impact drill?

Hammer drills are typically much larger, heavier and longer than impact drivers.

Hammer drills can have different speed and torque settings. Impact drivers can have different trigger pressures to control their speed.


Can I use hammer drill on metal?

Because a hammer drill uses a standard drill chuck and round shank bits, it can be used in the drill-only mode to penetrate wood and metal, as well as in the hammer-and-drill mode to penetrate concrete and brick.

Most hammer drills work by drilling using a drill bit in a round shank chuck. To use on concrete or brick, switch from drill only to hammer & drill mode.


Do you really need a hammer drill?

So when set properly, a hammer drill can almost always bore the hole. If the project requires drilling in masonry, you're going to need the hammer function. Hammer drills are regularly used by contractors and professionals to install electrical boxes and other fixtures to brick and block walls.

With a drill, you can often bore through brick or concrete, or drilling in masonry. If the project calls for using a hammer drill, you can usually bore a hole without a problem.

Contractors use hammer drills to drill holes into brick and block walls so they can install extra power lines, small demolition jobs, and install other fixtures.


How can I tell if my drill is a hammer drill?

When you look at a drill, it has an additional hammer mode, which you can switch into.

Some clutch systems have a clutch collar with the button that you press to change gears and a separate gear shift lever.

In this case, the hammer mode and drill mode are almost always right next to each other.

 Plus you can feel the extra power in hammer mode easily drilling into hard materials.


Can I use a hammer drill as a screwdriver?

It is advisable not to use a hammer drill to drive screws as the hammering force will cause the screw to be damaged or slip of. If you only have this type of drill and want to drive screws, then switch to drill mode.

Can you use a hammer drill to drive a ground rod?

Most certainly, you can use it as a hammer drill ground rod driver to drive to rebar 1/4” and 1/2” for garden projects or for lightning grounding rods.


So What’s The Best Hammer Drill For You?

BLACK+DECKER Hammer Drill BEHD201 - Corded, Best Basic Hammer Drill

THINKWORK SDS-Plus Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill - Corded, Best High Power Rotary Hammer Drill

BOSCH 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC - Corded, Best With Vibration Control

DEWALT DCD996B 20V MAX XR - Cordless, Best Buck For 2 Batteries

SKIL Corded Hammer Drill HD182001, Best Affordable Drill

Ryobi P251 One+, Best Cordless Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL, Best for Overload Protection

What are all the types of drills?

In our research on the power tools market, we have found numerous types of drill: from cordless to corded, drills for specific tasks, storage for drills, etc. 

Here are the different types:

Best corded power drill

Best cordless drill

Best hammer drill for tile removal

Best corded hammer drill

Best cordless hammer drill for concrete

Hand held core drill

Best magnetic drill press

Right angle drill Milwaukee

Power tool stand

Mini drill set

Cordless drill and reciprocating saw kit

And of course this Hammer drill Black and Decker.


Our list includes some of the top-rated hammer drills on the market, so finding the right one for you will be easy.

We hope this article has helped make your decision easier and that you enjoy using your purchase!