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How to Buy Hand Held Core Drill - A Review Of The 5 Best

Nov 28, 2022

Coring concrete is one of the most challenging jobs you can perform on your property. This is why we have the best core drills for concrete coring.

The Best Handheld Core Drill has a sturdy construction and ergonomically designed handle for comfort and improved grip. A versatile and powerful tool that makes boring holes in concrete much easier than with traditional core drills. Perfect for those who want to save time and have a tool that will last.

If you don't have a core drill, you should probably buy one. It will be the best investment you can make to ensure your concrete and stone projects turn out as you intended. 

You need to ensure that you don't damage your concrete wall or floor when you're drilling through it to create a nice round hole. So the best cordless hand held core drill will get the job done quickly and efficiently. And it's compact and portable.

Now you will need to have the tool to drill a perfectly core to install whatever you had in mind.

We feature both hand held core drills as well as those models with stand.


How To Choose Which Model Is Best For You

Match the features, capabilities to your budget. Once you have narrowed down, click on the green "Check Price On Amazon" button to get further confidence you have made the right choice by reading some past customers reviews.


Why Would We Want The Best For You

Why do I need the best core drill to do my concrete coring work? Because they have an amazing tool that helps me to drill holes in concrete walls without damaging the wall or the concrete itself.

Most drills that claim to be core drills only deliver a few hundred strokes at the most. This means they don’t drill cores deep enough to get the best results.

Concrete coring work is one of the hardest things in the construction industry. Coring deep holes in concrete takes skill and experience.

With the best hand held core drill, you don't need any skill or experience to do your concrete coring work.

A core drilling tool with enough power to do the job, but still small enough to use safely. You can drill the best cores in the world with the best core drill.




BLUEROCK Model 8Z1 Concrete Core Drill, 8-Inch Hole

Amazon #14 in Power Core Drills

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Built-in overload protection
  • Connect water hose for wet drilling
  • 1 1/4" 7UNC arbor size
  • Heavy duty coring drill on concrete, asphalt, masonry, brick, tile, stone


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 50 lbs
  • Speed : 750 RPM
  • Motor : 20 Amp, 2400W
  • 2x Wrenches, 3x hex wrenches, 2x spare brushes



Eibenstock Core Drill, 6-Inch Hole

Amazon #9 in Power Core Drills

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Made in Germany heavy-duty, light-weight hand-held core drill
  • Optional rig mounted kit
  • Powerful 15 amp for wet drilling on reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt, marble, ceramic, walls, floors
  • 3 speed gear box at 600 RPM, 1300 RPM or 2800 RPM load speed concrete drill with oil bath gear box for optimal lubrication and less heat
  • Mechanical safety clutch for user safety
  • Machine integrated water supply with gardena-style quick connect and adjustable valve to connect with standard garden hose
  • GFCI over-current cut-off protection standard


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 16 lbs
  • Speed : 2800 RPM
  • Motor : 15 Amp
  • Included : 5/8" and 1-1/4" adapters, water swivel, gardena hose connector, wrenches, carrying case



Vevor Happybuy Diamond Core Drill, 6-Inch

Amazon #16 in Power Core Drills

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Powerful 2180W motor is designed for wet drilling in reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt, marble, ceramic, walls, floors
  • Drill with less effort on the 1600 RPM stepless speed
  • When machine is used upside down, the steel forged output shaft is prevented from rusting
  • Copper water inlet for continuous wet drilling water supply
  • Over-current protection and an upgraded cooling system to reduce burn-in prolonging the service lifespan of the drilling machine
  • Shoulder rest designed to save your energy
  • Slip-proof rubber handle reduces vibration
  • Used in drilling reinforced concrete, red brick, marble, and other materials for installing air conditioners, pipes, stair railings, repairing highways, etc.


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 21 lbs
  • Speed : 1600 RPM
  • Motor : 2180 W
  • Included : carrying case



Vevor Happybuy Diamond Core Drilling Machine, 6-Inch

Amazon #11 in Power Core Drills

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • Durable construction equipped with a rustproof steel forged output shaft and waterproof copper water inlet
  • Overload protection system plus upgraded cooling system
  • Ergonomic handle and large base support for drilling straight or oblique holes
  • Aluminum guide rail for smooth and accurate drilling


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 28 lbs
  • Speed : 1600 RPM
  • Motor : 1600 W
  • Included : Drill Bit, Ring Spanner, Monkey Wrench, Hose, Faucet Interface, 5x Expansion Screws, 2x Carbon Brushes



VEVOR Core Drill Machine, 14-Inch

Amazon #8 in Power Core Drills

Why We Think This Is One Of The Best

(why this item is a must buy)

  • 4800W copper motor capable of coring a diameter 14 inches
  • 4.25 inch drill bit is included
  • Durable construction to work upside down so water will not affect the rustproof steel forged output shaft
  • Waterproof copper water inlet for uninterrupted supply
  • Security design with the overload protection system and an upgraded cooling system to avoid burn-in and prolonging the service lifespan
  • Ergonomic handle & stable base to drill vertical or oblique holes
  • Aluminum guide rail makes the drill rig's movement more smooth and accurate
  • Two casters to transport machine


Things To Know About This Model

(what you should know)

  • Weight : 56 lbs
  • Speed : 500 RPM
  • Motor : 4980 W
  • Included : Φ5 hex socket wrench, Φ6 hex socket wrench, 17-19 offset spanner, 200-type trap, Internal expansion bolt, gasket, set of water pipe + joint, leakage protector



Best hand held core drills FAQ

People are always asking us questions about the best hand held core drills, and there are too many models available that makes choosing the best one a headache.


It can be hard to find good information about getting the right tools, especially if you had not used them before or not sure where to look. Or worse, you might end up with bad information that should have been to make your home projects much easier.


We know you are a seasoned handyperson or a trade professional looking for a replacement but for the benefit of new users, the best hand held core drills can make your DIY projects a whole lot easier.


We've done the research for you! Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best hand held core drills and our top answers:

What drill is used for core drilling?

A core drill is a cylindrical drill with a hollow bit that enables you to create round holes.

Because the bit is hollow, material gets drilled out of the central part.


What is core drilling method?

In the CDM method, a cylindrical steel drill sleeve is inserted in concrete and then a core sample is removed.

A small hole is drilled into the structure, and the deformations in the vicinity of the hole are measured on the related elasticity theory to the stress.


How long does it take to core drill a 4 hole in concrete?

No matter what kind of concrete drilling you're looking to get done for around 2 hours.

The whole process including setting it up, to completion can be as long as 10 hours


Can I use a normal drill for core?

A normal drill can be used for coring but as the machine is not specifically built for that purpose, do not continuously drill without stopping for a few minutes.


Do you have to use water when core drilling?

To properly install concrete core drilling, it’s always best to use a little bit of water.

You’ll want to remind your workers to use water for more effective better results.


Why is core drilling necessary?

Core drilling is needed to create holes through existing concrete or brick structures for plumbing in pipes in buildings, hood vents.


How deep can a core drill go?

Standard core drills depth is about 14 inches.

A core drill is used to drill into a deep hole, and it requires a threaded length of tubing.

Standard diameters allow us to drill to any depth with most standard sized bits.


How close to the edge of concrete can I core drill?

The key is to drill at a distance of more than 4 inches from the edge of the wall, any closer may cause damage at the wall corner.

The hammering action of the drill should be turned off initially until you are confident of the depth achieved.


How thick can you core concrete?

The core drill length in most cases is 14 inches, although it is possible to extend this and perform deep drilling by adding special tubing to the end of the drill.


If you need to see more items than what we featured here, check out the Top 100 items in Amazon's Bestsellers in Hand Held Core Drill.


What are all the types of drills?

In our research on the power tools market, we have found numerous types of drill: from cordless to corded, drills for specific tasks, storage for drills, etc. 

Here are the different types:

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Best cordless drill

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Best corded hammer drill

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Hammer drill Black and Decker

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Right angle drill Milwaukee

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And of course this Hand Held Core Drill


We hope this article has helped make your decision easier and that you enjoy using your purchase!